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The Heat is On: Sport Relief

Nick Grimshaw, Frankie Bridge, Rob Rinder, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Karim Zeroual, Samantha Womack and Louise Minchin take on Sport Relief' most brutal challenge yet, to raise money for charity and increase awareness for mental health disorders. 

The seven intrepid celebrities originally agreed to traverse 100 miles of ice across Mongolia' frozen Lake Khovsgol, where temperatures regularly drop to below 30 degrees Celsius, and spent months training for these sub-zero conditions. But the ongoing threat of travel disruption due to the Coronavirus outbreak meant the celebrities were faced with a last-minute change of location for this ultimate test of stamina. No longer skating, walking and biking across ice, they will now attempt to cross the world' oldest desert in Namibia, where temperatures can soar to over 35 degrees Celsius, by foot, bike and skis. 

In four days, this fearless group must travel over 100 miles, scale the highest sand dunes on Earth and avoid deadly wildlife, all under the glare of the blistering desert sun, to finally reach the world-famous Eduard Bohlen shipwreck on Africa' skeleton coast. With one in four people being affected by a mental health problem in their lifetime, each celebrity has their own personal reasons for taking part in this challenge. 

This special documentary will chart the highs and lows of this epic journey as they take on one of the greatest trials of physical and psychological endurance to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.

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