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Tom Hutchings

Executive Producer

Tom Hutchings is an Executive Producer at Shine responsible for Hunted, Comic Relief Programming and the Disney+ Feature Doc, Finding Michael. Having started his career at EastEnders, where he spent five years as an Assistant Director, Tom then made the move into the world of unscripted working as a shooting Producer Director on shows all over the world - for both UK and US networks. In 2012 he won a Broadcast Hot Shot award and has worked on a variety of first series including the award-winning Gogglebox and Celebrity Hunted. On his first day at Shine nine years ago, Tom was welcomed into the company by being pushed off a boat by Bear Grylls in the Pacific and starved for two weeks on an Island with a bunch of celebrities. Since then, he's won Shine numerous commissions stemming from his own ideas and progressed from PD to SP to a Staff Exec. A technology obsessive, Tom's developed ways of using streaming tech within the unscripted world and continues to push the boundaries in production.

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